AVR based Greenhouse monitoring and Controlling

Project Title: Monitoring and Controlling of Greenhouse environment using AVR microcontroller

Greenhouse monitoring

Project Cost: (in Indian Rupees)
Rs. 5500/- (Temp & LDR sensor)
Rs. 6000/- (Temp, LDR & Humidity)

Project code: 2150

Available in: 7 Days

This project is designed to monitor Temperature, Humidity, Light intensity, Soil moisture of the Greenhouse environment. Also this project is designed to control all these parameters. We have used sensors to measure various parameter. We have used Temperature sensor, humidity sensor and Light dependant resistor – LDR as light sensor. We have used 2 metal probes to sense the soil moisture. Output of all these sensors is in analog format, so we need a ADC – Analog to Digital converter. ADC will convert analog output to the digital data. We have used AVR series microcontroller in our project. We have used ATmega16 microcontroller. AVR has inbuilt ADC. So we don’t have to use external ADC because we can use internal ADC of AVR. So we have connected output of sensor directly to the ADC input pins of AVR. AVR has 10 bit ADC with 8 analog inputs to the ADC.

Thus AVR ADC reads sensor output and compares them with a predecided value which is stored in the AVR microcontroller program. Once the input value from sensor crosses set value then the microcontroller gives a high output to the relays connected to the output pins of the AVR. These relays are used to control the various parameters of the Greenhouse environment. User can connect the first relay to the fan to control the temperature. Second relay to the exhaust fan to control the humidity. Third relay to the water pump to increase the soil moisture. We have used Liquid crystal display (LCD) to display / monitor values. User can see the values on the LCD.
CDYou will get a CD with this project

It contains following things with fully assembled project:

1. Project report
2. Circuit diagram of the project
3. PCB layout of the project
4. AVR Microcontroller program in embedded C language
5. Datasheets of all ICs used in the project


Block Diagram:

Greenhouse monitoring and controlling

Block Diagram Description:

Project has following sensors
1) Temperature sensor:

2) Humidity sensor:

3) Light sensor:


1) This can be used in Greenhouse

2) With little modification this project can be used for industrial use.


1) Automated system. No need of human controlling

Future Development / Enhancement to the project:

1) Use of GSM technology – to send these parameter through SMS

Project Photographs:

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